Mrs S Craig - Head Teacher

Mrs C Acheson - Acting Head Teacher

Mrs K Dunn - Deputy Head Inclusion / Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Crowe- SENCO

Mr D Wise - Head of Expressive Arts Faculty

Mrs E Wilman - Head of Global Studies Faculty

Mrs C Dixon - Head of Mathematics Faculty

Mr C Keeler- Head of Science Faculty

Mr A Whitehouse - Head of Technology Faculty   

Miss E Aldridge-  Teacher of Science

Mr T Allen - Teacher of Computer Science

Mr T Boyes - Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs S Cooper - Teacher of Physical Education

Mr G Evans - Teacher of Science

Miss L Evans - Teacher of Music /Base Day Co-ordinator

Mrs J Heathcote -  Teacher of Mathematics/Numeracy Across the Curriculum Leader

Mrs R Macharia - Teacher of Religious Studies

Mr N Hopwood - Teacher of Physical Education

Miss P Karley - Teacher of English

Mrs J Waiya - Teacher of Food Technology

 Mrs C Clarke - Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Gosling - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Freeman - HLTA: Mathematics

Mrs T Holloway - Teaching Assistant/First Aid Officer

Mrs H Kelly - Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Lamyman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Liversidge - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Marshall - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Robinson - Teaching Assistant

Ms S Stephens - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Lingard - Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Miss K Allen - KS3 Leader/Learning Mentor

Mrs S Stafford - KS4 Leader/Learning Mentor/Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Ms R Browne - Learning Support Mentor

Mrs L Sharpe - Learning Support Mentor/Deputy Safeguarding Officer

 Mr N Layzell - Technician: Technology

Mr A Sherwin - Technician: Science

Mrs J Carr - Cover and Attendance Officer

Mrs J Howman - Receptionist

Mrs E Rich - Finance and Premises Officer/Acting Head's PA

Mr T C Thorpe - Data and IT Manager

Mr G Craig - Exams Officer

Mrs A Clayton - Catering Assistant

Mrs S Mason - Catering Manager

Mrs M Scott - Catering Assistant

Mrs L Smith - Catering Assistant

Mr K Bull - Caretaker

Mr G Craig - Caretaker/Health and Safety Officer

Mrs C Epton - Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs K Garvey - Cleaner

Miss V Hartnett - Cleaner/Midday Supervisor

Ms F Hayes - Cleaner

Mrs S Herbert - Cleaner

Mrs T Stanhope-Beresford- Cleaner