William Lovell Academy Ofsted Report

We are absolutely delighted to announce that during our most recent Ofsted monitoring visit, we were told “leaders and managers are taking effective action towards the removal of special measures.”


Inspectors found that the “pace of improvement is accelerating” and described how leaders’ actions have “instilled a sense of optimism about the future.” In the report, they describe how the school has “improved the school’s leadership capacity and stabilised staff,” bringing about a “renewed energy and determination to rapidly improve standards.”


Inspectors felt that there was a “strong sense of ‘togetherness’ in the improvement journey” and staff were praised for their “strong knowledge and understanding of individual needs and contexts.” Despite periods of instability in the past, Inspectors noted that pupils were “beginning to feel more confident that new staff will be retained for the longer term.”


The report also applauded the school for the quality of pastoral care received by pupils describing it as a “strength of the school,” with Inspectors characterising the culture of the school as having a “strong commitment to the most vulnerable students.” The report explained that students were aware of “who they can talk to about any worries or concerns” and that students felt “safe in school.” Inspectors went on to give praise for behaviour, writing that the “conduct of the vast majority of pupils is calm and orderly, in lessons and around the school site.”

Ofsted Report 2019