Study Leave

Dear Student, Parent/Carer,

Important Information Regarding Study Leave

Year 11 study leave will start on Monday 6th June 2016. Our exam lunch and celebration afternoon will take place on Friday 27th May 2016, which is the last day of term 5. Year 11 will have normal lessons in the morning, followed by abuffet lunch. It is during this time that Year 11 will have the opportunity to have the shirts they have brought in and their yearbooks books signed. I should like to remind Year 11 students that the shirts they wear are not to be signed; they should bring in a separate shirt for this purpose.

Although study leave will start on Monday 6th June 2016, students are very welcome to study at school. If students are in school and they do not have an exam, they must attend their normal lessons. Teachers will deliver revision lessons for their subject during this time. If students have taken their exam in this subject, their timetabled teacher will supervise them for private revision or work on BTEC subjects. This will also be the case during PE lessons. Students are to remain in their timetabled lessons and are not to wander the school looking for laptops etc. It is important to point out that for those students who still are behind in their BTEC subjects this is an excellent opportunity to catch up and ensure that they pass that subject. Any Year 11 students who cause disruption while attending revision lessons in school will be sent home immediately and they will only be allowed in school for their exams. In the event that we have to take this course of action, parents will be notified as soon as possible.

When coming into school for an exam, students must sign in at the office and line up in the sportshall in plenty of time for their exam. If they are coming to revise and are in school at the start of the day, they must attend morning registration and remain in form period supervised by their form tutor until the start of lesson 1. They will not attend collective worship unless requested to do so. However, they can arrive and sign in at any time in the school day. This is particularly useful if there is only 1 specific revision lesson a student wishes to attend: They can come in for that lesson only.

Whilst Year 11 are in school, normal school rules apply. Once in school, Year 11 students will stay in school until they sign out to go home. They will not be permitted to ‘pop to the shop’ or wander around the village. They are here to study.

During the exam period Year 11 may travel on the school buses as normal. Students who wish to arrive at school and leave school outside of the normal school day must make their own travel arrangements. It is the student’s responsibility to get to school in plenty of time for their exams.

Students should arrive before 8.45am for morning exams and before 12.40 for afternoon exams to ensure that they do not miss the start of their exam.

Finally, I would like to wish Year 11 the very best of luck. I truly look forward to seeing you all on results day:  Thursday 25th August between 10am-12pm. If you know that you will be unable to collect your exam results in person and need alternative arrangements, please contact the school office.

Best wishes,

Mrs S Craig