Aims and Values

Academy Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be a centre of excellence for learning inspired by Christian values where all young people fulfil their potential.


Our Vision is to be a vibrant school which nurtures with compassion and challenge, promoting a culture of success and contribution to our community.


Our Values are encapsulated in our Core Values statement. We expect all members of the Academy, students and staff, to subscribe to and do their best to ‘live out’ these values in their work and relationships within the school.

academy aims

It is the aim of the school to educate to the limit of their abilities, aptitudes and aspirations so that each pupil:

  • Develops personally, socially, spiritually and physically to the best of which he/she is capable.
  • Acquires the broadest possible range of academic, practical and aesthetic knowledge of which he/she is capable.
  • Develops senses of enquiry, questioning, analysis and criticism from which new learning and understanding will develop.
  • Becomes a capable person who makes a positive contribution to society and the natural environment.
  • Understands and develops practical application of what he/she learns.