Good and improving results at William Lovell CE Academy

William Lovell had some very good GCSE results in several subject areas including Science, Maths, Art, Religious Studies and Food which were all above 60% for grades 9-4, the previous equivalent of A*-C grades.

Science results for value added are amongst the best in the area. with all students on average achieving better than would have been expected and making very good progress with grades above the national average.  Maths and Art results were also above national averages with 96% of students achieving grades 9-4 in Art and more than half achieving the higher grades in this subject.

Mr Simon Sprague, Interim Headteacher of William Lovell, said

“Congratulations to the students and staff who worked hard to achieve these grades in a year when there were significant changes to the exam courses which made them far more demanding. We are pleased with the progress that has been made and we are determined to continue to improve our results year on year. I would like to commend our students on their achievements and I wish them every success in the future.”

 There were a number of very good individual performances from students with Millie Bark (1x8, 2x7, 3x6, 2x5), Kaci West (1x8, 3x6, 2x5, 1x4), Eleanor Grooby (1x8, 1x7, 2x6, 3x5, 1x4) Megan Bush(1x8, 1x7, 3x5, 3x4),  William Ostler (2x7, 2x6, 4x5), Megan Morbey (1x7, 2x6, 3x5), Aimee Wilkinson (1x6, 4x5, 2x4), Hadijis Raubiskis (6x5,1x4, 1x3) all exceeding their expected grades in a wide range of subjects.