Welcome to William Lovell Church of England Academy.

Our students will always be our first priority. At William Lovell Church of England Academy we aim to build upon our strengths and become an outstanding centre for learning within the community. Our vision for achieving this is through high quality teaching and learning with a commitment to valuing potential in all members of the William Lovell community.

All that we do is underpinned by our core Christian values, Truth, Justice, Respect, Generosity & Forgiveness. Worship at William Lovell Church of England Academy is part of our culture and our journey towards being outstanding. Working in partnership with all our young people and their families we strive to ensure they are all the best that they can be. These honest and trusting relationships are crucial in achieving the success for our students that they deserve.

We aim for our students to become highly skilled, confident, articulate young adults well placed to succeed in further education and employment, and emerge as active members of the community. Striving to unlock the talents of all our students, we continually challenge them to achieve their best and develop the skills for a lifelong love of learning. It is only through challenge that students truly discover what they are capable of. No matter where we start in life we recognise that all have the potential to achieve and at William Lovell Church of England Academy we strive to ensure that they do. Whilst we recognise the importance of examination success we believe that learning does not stop at the end of the school day and hence encourage students to engage with the extra curriculum programme and home learning.

We are a welcoming and inclusive Academy that radiates warmth and happiness; an Academy where Christian distinctiveness and commitment to study are encouraged. We hope the information within this website provides you with some additional details about the Academy that will be helpful to you. We are always happy to show visitors around and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.